Assessment for Cloud migration

Published On: 31/07/2019 Author: MKK

Assessment for Cloud migration

This project was completed for a prestigious technological training facility in the USA; we will refer to them as the customer from now on. To transfer all services from SunGard, NJ’s datacenter, to Microsoft Azure, the customer needs a strategy and an implementation plan. The migration itself will be carried out at a later phase of the engagement.

The Requirement

Discovery phase: The initial phase of exploration and investigation. To comprehend and account for each technology service used in SunGard’s data center’s varied environments. The optimization of PaaS and IaaS services, reworking of current application code to take advantage of cloud capabilities, hosting of cloud-ready apps, optimization of software licensing, and improved administration, reporting, and security controls for improved governance should all be part of this research.

Transformation Phase: Migration will be performed based on the outcome or completion of Phase 1: Discovery and Assessment of the Current Existing Environment Landscape at the SunGard, NJ, datacenter.

Only Phase 1 of the intended customer’s Cloud Migration program is addressed by this project delivery, which details the approach and methodologies that the project team intends to use.

The Assessment Approach

Following the completion of the Discovery and Assessment phase, which is scheduled to take place over the course of four weeks, a comprehensive report outlining the customer’s next steps in its journey toward cloud computing will then be presented.

Dedicated cloud professionals from the delivery team will conduct an all-encompassing analysis of the environment that the customer is operating in, with a primary emphasis on compliance, resources, and strategic goals. In order to gain a rapid understanding of the customer’s business processes and IT environment, discovery is focused on utilizing methodologies that require a high level of competence and efficiency.

The deliverables of this engagement will provide customers with a clear and comprehensive knowledge of how cloud computing may be advantageous to TFA’s business, along with personalized advice on where and how to get started. This understanding will be provided as part of the engagement.

The deliverables also includes Cloud strategy documentation, SOW with commercials for phase 2, partnership engagement mode, Cloud cost projections (month-on-month cost projections for suggested workloads) and Migration plan

The Milestone

Key MilestoneDelivery Plan
First two weeksDiscovery and Assessment
Third weekAzure Cloud Target Blueprint design with reference architecture
Fourth weekMigration plan, SOW and cost projection preparation and final presentation

The Solution

After filtering COTS applications, there are over 75 applications in there, out of which 82% are in-house developed apps that sit on 800+ servers, hold 5+ TB of data volume with 100+ subnets, and all of these span across 12 datacenters.

After an analysis of their complete environment, we categorized the applications according to their functionalities and frameworks and organized them into lots.

We used SonarQube for the code analysis of our custom in-built application and figured out and implemented a comprehensive solution. A holistic solution has been proposed for each lot using a modernization approach with available Azure Native services.

Proposed use of Azure AD as an identity provider, featuring Single Sign-On and Multi-Factor Authentication features, along with certain self-service options.

Also provided the tools for migration and what is to be done on the Azure side in order migrate it seamlessly

Please keep in mind that some of the details might have changed by the time you read this due to the rapid development of cloud technology. This project delivered by mid 2021

The Role:

As Cloud Infra Architect, I am responsible for the delivery of the entire project on infrastructure ground, from beginning to end. As Cloud Infra Architect, I am responsible for creating a target architecture, design, and establishment of communication channels and a data transfer model.

Project Details:

Team Size: 6 Members

Project Duration: 4 Weeks

Project Cost: T&M

The Conclusion:

The project was completed on schedule and I received good accolades from the customers for my performance, which earned me a promotion in the firm where I was working.

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