Digital Transformation – Big4

Published On: 28/07/2023 Author: MKK

Digital Transformation Project – Big4

This was the most recent digital transformation project that I worked on for a member firm of one of the leading Big Four organizations. It was a really fascinating project because the primary deliverable of the project was the transformation of applications to Azure, but we also covered all areas of security in depth; some of them are captured out here

  • Management group hierarchy meets organizational compliance and privacy requirements
  • Defined different administrative roles and apply across all subscriptions (RBAC)
  • Determined the right deployment model (manual, policy, or IaC with Automations API etc)
  • Enabled Defender, triggering the registration of the Microsoft Security resource provider via policy
  • Enable Defender for Servers (P1 or P2), RG and default workspace created in subscription region
  • Onboard ARC agent for non-Azure VMs, ARC-less method in preview
  • Install onboarding package (enable MDAV / MDE), start with a pilot ring.
  • Deploy Azure Monitor Agent, ARC Agent, Qualys Agent, or Guest Configuration agent via policy
  • Enable Defender for Servers on the Log Analytics Workspace. Workspace auto created per location
  • More than 1 month retention of logs required in ALA? CSPM auditing or visualisation requirements?
  • SIEM connector for alert visibility?
  • GCP or AWS connector?
  • Automation (logic app) for alerts received
  • Method of install and management (auto-provision, SCCM, CHEF, GPO, Intune (MEM), MDE-attach)
  • Network requirements, proxy, private link?
  • Endpoint update strategy for Microsoft update
  • Endpoint configuration (passive mode, exclusions)?
  • Portal config (live response, block mode etc)
  • I emailed the key project stakeholders to let them know what aspects of the project I could discuss on my personal portfolio website and what information I could disclose. Based on their feedback, this section will be revised, until then, please stay tuned. Thank you.

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