Setting up Microsoft Defender for Cloud

Published On: 30/07/2023 Author: MKK

Setting up Microsoft Defender for Cloud

This project have been done for our own firm to test all possible scenarios thoroughly before getting into commercial deals with actual customers. Since

The Consideration

When it comes to implementing Defender for Servers within Microsoft Defender for Cloud, there are a number of considerations and aspects that need focus in order to ensure a successful deployment. Those considerations and factors are listed here. My objective is to present a reference architecture with stages that highlight the core integrations and reference points in how this is managed across the Microsoft tooling ecosystem. This will be done by showing at a high level the core areas of focus that will be covered by the design. Because this is tailored solely toward Defender for Server deployments, it does not necessarily cover issues that are specific to CSPM or other tools. I will also discuss financial operations and cost projections.

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