Breach & Attack Simulation

Published On: 15/08/2018 Author: MKK

Breach & Attack Simulation

Pandemic Moving Threat Index to High: Time for Breach and Attack Simulation   With the Covid19 pandemic taking hold, organizations are witnessing a tremendous increase in attacks including phishing, ransomware, and other malware attacks. The expanded remote workforce has exposed gaps that could perhaps have been ignored during normal times. Instead, these gaps have become critical vulnerabilities today.    To name a few challenges facing organizations today:  

  • Pressure on securing remote connectivity to the Enterprise
  • Unsecured devices are being connected to the network in droves
  • Coordinated Detection & Response functions when the security organizations are operating remotely
  • Cybercriminals have stepped up the pace of their activities to take advantage of the expanded attack surface. Therefore, organizations need to pay more attention to their security posture than ever before. Methods like penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, security audits, red team testing, and threat hunting are no longer enough to provide the comprehensive view into security posture that today’s situation calls for.    Breach and attack simulation will provide that extra edge needed to stay secure. By leveraging automation to perform accelerated simulations of end-to-end attacks (infiltration to lateral expansion to exfiltration) from a hacker’s vantage point .  

    Leveraging MITRE ATT&CK framework, BAS enables a continuous testing of security controls enabling your security organizations to fight back before an attack.    BAS has taken the enterprise security stack to a new level. Consistent, 24×7 testing has become a reality. But the technology is not about set it and forget it. Organization need security professionals to configure and customize simulations for each environment, identify use cases that reflect each organization’s unique threat landscape, and provide prescriptive recommendations to improve the security posture.. Simulations need to be adapted based on organization-specific threat intelligence and the specific assets that need to be protected.    Like any new technology, BAS does present additional requirements:  

  • Prioritizing amidst a rush of new discovered vulnerabilities
  • Attack improvisation to take on zero-day attacks
  • Flood of alerts, false positives/negatives
  • IT service firms offers BAS-as-a-Service, a managed services solution that leverages industry-leading BAS platforms to deliver BAS in a subscription-based model using the MITRE ATT&CK Framework. By combining the power of top BAS solutions with managed security services, organizations can obtain a complete cybersecurity solution that is truly designed for today’s heightened security risk.   Sign up today to learn more about our BAS-as-a-Service solution and how you can stay protected at this time of unprecedented cybersecurity threats. 

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